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New Techniques For Family Based Treatment (FBT) – Feb 17, 2014 – Feb 20, 2014

University of California, San Diego and Maudsley Hospital
New Techniques For Family Based Treatment (FBT):

4 Day Training Program in San Diego to Train Health Professionals in New Methodologies to Expand the Use of Multifamily Therapies for Eating Disorders

February 17th, 2014 – February 20th, 2014

Faculty from Maudsley Hospital in London and UCSD in San Diego are offering a 4 day training program in San Diego to train health professionals in new methodologies to expand the use of multifamily therapies for eating disorders.

•Multi Family Therapy (MFT) is a recognized treatment approach that has been developing over the last twelve years at the Maudsley Hospital. This approach provides a more intensive form of family intervention than single outpatient family therapy. In common with outpatient family therapy, MFT aims to help families rediscover their own resources by emphasizing ways in which parents can take an active role in helping their child to overcome the eating problem. At the same time families are encouraged to use the group setting to explore how the eating disorder has affected family life making it difficult for the family to follow the normal developmental course of the family life cycle. The sharing of experiences and the dynamics of the group are important components of the treatment. The Maudsley team has recently completed a large multi center RCT, which has demonstrated the efficacy of this approach.

Many families do not live close to experts in FBT, limiting the use of outpatient therapy. The UCSD Eating Disorder Program has developed an intensive immersion into FBT (IFT) that is completed in approximately 30 hours over one week of time. This program is based on MFT principals, and integrates meal coaching, coping skills, and parenting skills. The UCSD adolescent day program also includes a significant MFT component, which is highly valued by families. The UCSD program also applies constructive approaches to managing temperament based on new understandings of the neurobiology contributing to eating disorders. The UCSD program has recently completed a mean 30 month follow-up which demonstrates excellent outcomes.


•To present the research and theoretical underpinning of these approaches, to illustrate how the theory relates to the practice of MFT and IFT in eating disorders and to describe the different ways of applying MFT principles and techniques in different clinical settings (e.g. outpatient or day programs)

•To illustrate through experiential group participation how families engage in MFT and IFT by using psycho-educational and therapeutic techniques relevant to treating eating disorders.

•To provide participants with the skills, knowledge and confidence in order to apply this model to their relevant clinical setting.


The training consists of a 4-day intensive program at UCSD. The cost is $1000 per person.


Health professionals with an interest in working within an Eating Disorders Multi-Disciplinary Team. Experience of working with families is an advantage. We strongly recommend that where possible you attend with one or more of your team colleagues. We will be prioritizing group bookings.


Ivan Eisler, PHD, Kerri Boutelle, PHD, Mima Simic MD, Setphanie Knatz PHD, Walter Kaye MD

To register please visit:

For questions or for more information contact Grace Rasmusson at (858) 534-7371 or


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