24: Trish Lieberman : Eating Disorders and Diabetes

Today, Kathy welcomes Trish Lieberman, and Trish offers her expertise on diabetes and eating disorders. As a registered dietitian and nutrition therapist, Trish explains the challenges someone with diabetes faces with regards to eating disorders, as well as how those challenges differ from diabulimia.

Trish Lieberman, MS, RD, LDN is Director of Nutrition at The Renfrew Center of Philadelphia. She received her IMG_2001undergraduate degree in Human Nutrition at La Salle University and her Masters Degree in Nutrition Science at Drexel University. As a registered dietitian and nutrition therapist, Trish specializes in nutrition therapy for eating disorders and diabetes care and education. Her experience also includes teaching nutrition college courses and providing nutrition counseling to individuals in her private practice.

She has collaborated with and trained under the direction of well-established physicians and dietitians in both fields and has been featured in the media to increase awareness of eating disorders.

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