25: Joe Kelly: Father Daughter Relationships

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Joe Kelly joins Kathy today as they discuss the power and potential of father daughter relationships, and the role fathers can play in eating disorders recovery. It is rich with information that everyone can learn from.

About Joe –
In addition to being a writer, Joe Kelly is a long time advocate on issues affecting women and girls, fathers and stepfathers, other men in families, marketing’s impact n children, and (of course) eating disorders. My books include Dads and Daughters®: How to Inspire, Understand, and Support Your Daughter and 5 other fathering books. He has presented at numerous conferences (including ED ones) on the power & potential of daughter-father relationships.

He is also a certified life coach, working with people who have a relationship with someone who has an eating disorder. Most of these clients are male loved ones, and that’s the “niche” Joe finds most fascinating.

In addition, Joe has presented at ICE, iaedp, and the Australia-New Zealand AED on the how eating disorders treatment providers can mobilize and utilize male loves ones as allies/resources in clients’ treatment and recovery.

You can learn more about Joe on his website, by clicking here.

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