5 Foods You Should Not Fear

I have jumped off the, what to eat and not eat, merry-go-round. It seems like scientists are always coming up with a new study of what we should be eating and why. Bread is bad. Bread is good. Don’t eat red meat. We need red meat. The truth of the matter is we need all these foods in our diets.
So go ahead, enjoy that fresh baked cookie, the pasta with sauce and cheese, the bread fresh out of the oven, and yes, even that steak cooked to perfection at a medium rare. I won’t tell the food police if you won’t.

Key Takeaways:

  • I Should start eating food that satisfies my daily body need.
  • Food should be something we really enjoy eating on a daily basis not just something we force ourself to eat.
  • I should not fear eating any food but focuse on the right way and amount and eating it

“There are enough scary things in the world and food shouldn’t be one of them!”

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