9 Warning Signs of Exercise Addiction

Exercise addiction is a behavioral condition affecting thousands of people. It can cause harm to a person’s health especially if an eating disorder is present as well. Here are some signs that you may be suffering from exercise addiction. Signs include loss of joy from exercising, working out all the time, as well as long workout sessions. Some psychological signs include using exercise as a means of escape, letting relationships suffer, and becoming irate when you can’t workout. If you are experiencing any of the scenarios detailed in this article, you may want to seek help for your condition.

Key Takeaways:

  • Exercise can be harmful when it causes your priorities to shift drastically.
  • Exercise loses its fun when you are addicted to it.
  • Excessive workouts can lead to harmful mental and physical conditions.

“Exercise addiction is something that impacts thousands of people and can be conceptualized like other process and substance addictions. It’s not a formal clinical diagnosis, but rather a behavioral condition often rooted within other issues — such as distorted body image or eating disorders.”

Read more: http://www.waldeneatingdisorders.com/9-warning-signs-of-exercise-addiction-2/

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