A Closer Look at Eating Disorders and Suicide

Eating disorders and the connection to suicide it has can be one of the most challenging subjects to talk about. When it comes to eating disorders they have been linked to higher mortality rates. A big percentage of these mortality rates are due to the cause of suicide. For example studies show that individuals with anorexia are around 31 times more likely to commit suicide, as well as individuals with bulimia are 7.5 times higher to commit suicide.

Key Takeaways:

  • Sometimes, eating disorder-related deaths come about due to medical complications, but a substantial percentage are due to suicide.
  • At the same time, an experience with an eating disorder provides a fearlessness about death and a high threshold of pain—meaning there is a capacity for suicidal behavior.
  • September is Suicide Prevention Month, and this topic is so vital for the eating disorder recovery community

“”Those who struggle with an eating disorder may experience feelings of burdensomeness with regard to their treatment and recovery needs, the impact they have on family members, and more.””


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