About Us

Gürze Books, LLC is a publishing company that has specialized in eating disorders publications and education since 1980. It is owned by Lindsey Hall and Leigh Cohn, who are married and the authors of the first book on bulimia as well as several others.

Gürze was started when Leigh and Lindsey wrote and published Bulimia: A Guide to Recovery, which includes Lindsey’s personal story of recovery, questions and answers, and suggestions from hundreds of others who have recovered from bulimia. It is the first book written solely about bulimia and has sold over 150,000 copies—now in a 25th anniversary edition.

Salucore, LLC purchased the Gürze Eating Disorders Resource Catalogue in October of 2013. We will continue to compile information from books, CDs, and leading experts from over 50 other publishers into a FREE 52-page Eating Disorder Resource Catalogue. Included are the names and addresses of national eating disorders organizations and listings of prominent treatment facilities. More than four million copies of our catalogue have been given away by therapists, support groups, college health and counseling centers, women’s resource centers, and at eating disorders conferences and workshops.

Salucore, LLC maintains several websites related to eating disorders treatment and recovery:

EDcatalogue.com offers hundreds of handpicked books and CDs, a treatment directory, professional resources, contact information for local and national ED organizations, and listings of treatment facilities.

• EatingDisordersRecoveryToday.com is a home for hundreds of inspirational and educational articles written by both leading experts in the field and recovered individuals with valuable experience to share.

Mission Statement

We are dedicated to serving the entire eating disorders community: individuals who are suffering, their loved ones, the professionals who treat them, and the educators who are working toward prevention.

Our mission is to provide reliable information and resources on Eating Disorders and Recovery in order to promote understanding, compassion, support, and healing.