Binge eating: Connecticut’s most common, yet misunderstood eating disorder?

Food related disorders are a well known hazard for some groups of people. One type of eating disorder known as binge eating is actually the most common disorder in Connecticut according to researchers. Binge eating is sometimes hard to diagnose since it is similar to comfort eating. It differs in the quantity of food eaten and also the fact that patients keep the eating secret from families and friends. Binge eating covers a varied demographic and only recently became listed as a formal syndrome in 2013. The best approach for treatment is to seek a therapist skilled in treating eating disorders.

Key Takeaways:

  • Binge eating is a cognitive and behavioral disorder that feeds off of negative stimuli that individuals are unable to cope with properly.
  • Individuals who experience binge eating disorder utilize food as a coping mechanism.
  • Understanding what triggers binge eating disorder and how individuals are affected by it can help limit the number of people who are continually affected by the disorder.

“While anorexia and bulimia are conditions most associated with eating disorders, binge eating disorder is actually the most prevalent, affecting approximately 4.2 million American women and 2.3 million men, many right here in Southern and Coastal Connecticut.”

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