Binge Eating Disorder – Joey Julius

Penn State football player Joey Julius has taken the brave step of reentering treatment for binge eating disorder. Julius first entered treatment in 2016 for binge eating disorder, and has been outspoken about his recovery. Having the courage to enter treatment for an eating disorder is a gigantic step, and speaking about it publicly is even more courageous (though it is not for everyone).

Unfortunately, there is so much stigma surrounding eating disorders, with some people believing that eating disorders only effect wealthy, white, teenage girls. Eating disorders do not discriminate – not for age, race, sex, sexual orientation, religion, etc. Anyone can have an eating disorder, even if they don’t “look” like they have an eating disorder (there is no such thing as a “look”). Eating disorders are complex diseases which effect roughly 30 million Americans, and countless others worldwide.

Joey Julius has been forthcoming in his struggle with binge eating disorder, and also mentions he suffers from anxiety and depression. Re-entering treatment at McCallum Place is a step that Joey Julius feels is right for him. Julius has been open in the past about binge eating disorder, and recently posted on Facebook to update people on his recovery process. He plans on starting a blog, and hopes anyone else struggling with an eating disorder can get the help they need.

We applaud Julius for his courage, and hope he can fully recovery, like so many others have before him.

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