Book Review: It’s Not What You’re Eating, It’s What’s Eating You

Shari Brady once had a eating problem known as anorexia and later became a licensed counselor that practiced eating disorders so she can help people starting from the age of
teenagers to adults cope with life everyday challenges or even severe events that could happen to cause a person to get in a deep depression and as a result use food to comfort which later can effect your health, body and mind. So you have to take care of yourself because no one can do it better than you and stay positive, Eat healthy and your body will let you know with signs of what to do to keep it functioning right.

Key Takeaways:

  • We live in a weight-obsessed world. Not only are we exposed to a constant barrage of images of the “perfect body,” but when it comes to attaining it we tend to focus on all the wrong things.
  • Challenging thought distortions and learning to separate ourselves from our thoughts are the keys to beginning to understand, and ultimately being able to sit with our feelings
  • Nurturing ourselves in ways that don’t include food is also a vital part of achieving a healthy relationship with ourselves and with food.

“Our relationship with food begins at birth and never ends. How we feel about our body and eating is a direct reflection of how we feel about ourselves. Life can be difficult and unfair at times, and nobody is born with the knowledge of how to navigate through its many challenges. Sometimes, turning to food becomes the only way we cope with life” writes Brady.”

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