Book Review: The DBT Solution for Emotional Eating

Safer, Adler, and Masson’s new book, The DBT Solution for Emotional Eating illustrates how a known therapeutic approach, dialectical behavior therapy, can be applied in a new way to emotional eating and other eating disorders. This is a self help book that guides the reader through several DBT approaches to control their disordered eating. Specific chapter by chapter plans, including exercises and useful graphs help the reader take control of their treatment.

Reviewer Tina Arnoldi notes that while this book is written as a self-paced guide for patient, therapists and other professionals may also find it to be a useful treatment tool.

Key Takeaways:

  • Food addiction can be as serious as other more well known substance abuse addictions.
  • DBT is a technique with research behind it proven to work instead of being a quick fix.
  • The skills learned are meant to be applied for the rest of one’s life to permanently help people.

“The DBT method, as used in this book, encourages people to examine their feelings and focus on three primary DBT skills; mindfulness, emotion regulation, and distress tolerance.”

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