Books for Family and Loved Ones

Books for family and loved ones

A Short introduction to Understanding and Supporting Children with Eating Disorders
by Bryan Lask & Lucy Watson
112 pages, paper, 2016
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Anorexia and Other Eating Disorders: How to Help Your Child Eat Well and Be Well
by Eva Musby
450 pages, paper, 2014
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Anorexia Nervosa, Second Edition: A Recovery Guide for Sufferers, Families, and Friends
by Janet Treasure and June Alexander
Essential new and updated research outcomes on Anorexia Nervosa are provided in this new edition. It offers insights and guidance into the recovery process for those who suffer from an eating disorder, as well as advice and information for their families and friends. Written collaboratively by both an expert in the field and someone with personal experience of eating disorders, this second edition offers exceptional understanding of the issues surrounding the illness from research and life experience perspectives. Sufferers of Anorexia Nervosa, their families, friends and carers – together with professionals such as teachers and GPs – will gain a fuller understanding of the illness and a better toolkit for treating it.
192 pages, paperback, 2013
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By Her Side: Eating Disorders and the Joy of Recovery for Young Women
By Deborah P. Schone, Shelby L. Evans
196 pages, paperback, 2014
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Ed Says U Said, Eating Disorder Translator
By June Alexander & Cate Sangster
Avatars and tweet-style format makes this a highly accessible resource in understanding eating disorder (ED) ‘talk’. It aims to improve communication between people with EDs and their loved ones by revealing the ED mind set and decoding everyday language choices. Full of everyday examples, it details the common pitfalls and provides invaluable advice on how best to defuse the triggers. Written by high profile ED awareness writers and campaigners with personal experience of eating disorders, this practical, easy-to-read book is essential reading for everyone affected by EDs: sufferers, carers, family and friends, in addition to health care professionals.
288 pages, paperback, 2013
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Eating Disorders: A Parents’ Guide 2nd Edition: Supporting Self-Esteem, Healthy Eating, & Positive Body Image at Home
By Marcia Herrin and Nancy Matsumoto
200 pages, paperback, 2013
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Family Eating Disorders Manual: Guiding Families Through the Maze of Eating Disorders
By Laura Hill, David Dagg, Michael Levine, Linda Smolak, et al.
227 pages, spiral-bound, 2012

Father Hunger, Second Edition: Fathers, Daughters, and the Pursuit of Thinness
By Margo Maine
This book pioneered the term “father hunger” – the emptiness, and resulting food and body image disorders, experienced by women whose fathers were physically or emotionally absent. Based on ten years of further study, this second edition of Father Hunger details the origins of the syndrome and its effect on the family, with new practical solutions to help dads and daughters, as well as other family members, understand and improve their relationships. An expanded section for educators and therapists offers strategies and techniques for preventing and treating this complex problem.
317 pages, paperback, 2004
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Food Refusal and Avoidant Eating in Children, including those with Autism Spectrum Conditions: A Practical Guide for Parents and Professionals
By Gillian Harris & Elizabeth Shea
232 pages, paperback, 2018
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Give Food a Chance: A New View on Childhood Eating Disorders
By Julie O’Toole
320 pages, paperback, 2015
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Helping Your Child with Extreme Picky Eating: A Step-by-Step Guide for Overcoming Selective Eating, Food Aversion, and Feeding Disorders
By Katja Rowell & Jenny McGlothin
240 pages, paperback, 2015
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Help Your Teenager Beat An Eating Disorder
By James Lock and Daniel Le Grange
This book is the parent’s “go to” book for understanding how an eating disorder affects their child. It vividly illustrates how the thinking, behavior, mood, and social life of teenagers are altered as they become ill with an eating disorder. The book also gives a list of “warning signs” as well as “act now” signs to help guide parents about when to seek professional help. Clear descriptions of the rationale and scientific support available for main kinds of therapy and medications that are used to treat eating disorders in youth are provided to educate families about their options. In short, reading the book is like having a private consultation with experts.
295 pages, paperback, 2004
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How to Nourish Your Child Through an Eating Disorder
by Wendy Sterling
324 pages, paper, 2018
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Just Tell Her to Stop: Family Stories of Eating Disorders
By Becky Henry
In Just Tell Her To Stop: Family Stories of Eating Disorders, National Award Winning Author, Becky Henry gives accounts from the perspective of mothers, fathers, siblings, grandparents, those who have recovered and those still struggling, whether they be male or female. Not only does this book provide comfort, hope and insights for caregivers, it helps health providers and medical students gain essential insights in including the family in successful treatment of these complex deadly mental illnesses.

One mom shared, “Until my husband read your book, he didn’t understand our son’s eating disorder. NOW he gets it!” Henry regularly hears from parents, “Thanks for giving me back my happiness!” and “I keep this book around to refer back to the great tips at the end of each chapter.”

This book is a must read for anyone who wants a better understanding of how eating disorders impact families.

277 pages, paperback, 2011
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Loving Someone with an Eating Disorder: Understanding, Supporting & Connecting with your Partner
by Dana Harron
176 pages, paper, 2019
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Measuring Health from the Inside:  Nutrition, Metabolism & Body Composition
By Carolyn Hodges Chaffee, MS, RDN, CEDRD & Annika Kahm, MS
168 pages, paperback, 2015
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My Kid is Back: Empowering Parents to Beat Anorexia Nervosa
By June Alexander with Daniel Le Grange
Families are the main voice in this book which explains how family based treatment (FBT) can reduce the severity of Anorexia Nervosa in children and adolescents, allowing the sufferer to return to normal eating patterns, and their families to return to normal family life. Ten families share their experiences of helping their child to recover from Anorexia Nervosa. Parents describe their frustrations in seeking help for their child and dealing with their behaviour; sufferers discuss how the illness takes over their mind and the joy of getting their life back. Focusing on FBT and expert advice from Professor Daniel Le Grange, and including listing illness symptoms, strategies for parents and carers, and information on getting further treatment and support, this book is an essential resource for families.

After reading My Kid is Back I realised I was wrong to think that this is primarily a book for families trying to deal with anorexia nervosa. It is equally a book for clinicians and researchers who want to understand what it is like for the families. – Ivan Eisler, from the foreword.

272 pages, paperback, 2010
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Off the C.U.F.F. – A Parent Skills Book for the Management of Disordered Eating
By Nancy Zucker
299 pages, spiral-bound, 2006

The Parent’s Guide to Eating Disorders: Supporting Self-Esteem, Healthy Eating, and Positive Body Image at Home
By Marcia Herrin & Nancy Matsumoto
324 pages, paperback, 2007
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Parents’ Quick Start Recovery Guide: Finding Help Fast When Your Child or Teen Has an Eating Disorder
By Lori Osachy
In this concise and practical book, you will gain access to insider information from a national leader in eating disorders treatment on how to avoid common heartbreaking mistakes when seeking quality care for a loved one’s eating disorder.  Lori has created a clear roadmap that will quickly teach you how to handle difficult situations that often arise when seeking help, including problems with insurance, doctors being uncooperative, and adult children with eating disorders who refuse treatment.  These situations are rarely heard about but are unfortunately all too common.   Your loved one CAN recover, and I guarantee that this book will help you avoid these costly emotional and financial mistakes the first time you try.

“Parents’ Quick Start Recovery was the only book that outlined a clear plan of action for our daughter, and gave us tools we could use immediately.  Her methods work. Her methods WORK! I will be forever grateful for Lori.” – Mandy, age 54, mother of Allison, age 14.
104 pages, paperback, 2012
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Skills-based Learning for Caring for a Loved One with an Eating Disorder – The New Maudsley Method, 2nd Edition
By Janet Treasure, Grainne Smith & Anna Crane
294 pages, hardcover/paperback, 2016
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Skills-based Learning for Caring for a Loved One with an Eating Disorder – The New Maudsley Method
By Janet Treasure, Grainne Smith & Anna Crane
228 pages, paperback, 2007
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Surviving an Eating Disorder: Strategies for Family and Friends
By Michele Siegel, Judith Brisman & Margot Weinshel
222 pages, paperback, 2009
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Throwing Starfish Across the Sea: A Pocket-Sized Care Package for the Parents of Someone with an Eating Disorder
By Charlotte Bevan & Laura Collins Lyster-Mensh
96 pages, paperback, 2013
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TuTu Thin A Guide to Dancing Without an Eating Disorder
By Dawn Theodore
Read our exclusive interview with Dawn by clicking here
178 pages, paperback, 2015
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When Food is Family: A Loving Approach to Heal Eating Disorders
By Judy Scheel
180 pages, paperback, 2011
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When Your Teen Has an Eating Disorder: Practical Strategies to Help Your Teen Recover from Anorexia, Bulimia & Binge Eating
By Lauren Muhlheim
168 pages, paperback, 2018
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Why She Feels Fat: Understanding Your Loved One’s Eating Disorder and How You Can Help
By Johanna Marie McShane & Tony Paulson
This book contains over 100 quotes from individual recovering from eating disorders. Through their courageous testimonials the reader gains access to the emotional experiences and perspectives of those suffering from eating disorders. This valuable insight can help you better understand the struggles your loved one experiences as he or she fight for recovery.
152 pages, paperback, 2007
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Your Dieting Daughter, Second Edition: Antidotes Parents Can Provide for Body Dissatisfaction, Excessive Dieting, and Disorder Eating
By Carolyn Costin
First written in 1996 this new edition of Your Dieting Daughter offers an updated look at how we can best raise females in a culture obsessed with dieting and thinness, yet fraught with the rising problem of overweight youth and our cultural “war on obesity.” Though well known for her expertise in eating disorders, author Carolyn Costin speaks to a much larger audience with chapters such as, The Thin Commandments, Fit or Fanatic, Mirror Mirror on the Wall, and Daddy’s Girl as she helps mothers, fathers, friends and family members look at the cultural pressures to lose weight that often go unnoticed or get unwittingly perpetuated. Best of all Carolyn provides readers with successful antidotes to help young girls navigate the culture they find themselves in. Finally, Carolyn delivers important information as she explains how a diet turns into a disorder and gives readers specific strategies to deal with eating disorders once this has in fact become a reality.
256 pages, paperback, 2013
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