Books Starting with G

Books Starting with G

Getting Better Bite by Bite, Second Edition: A Survival Kit for Sufferers of Bulimia Nervosa and Binge Eating Disorders
By Ulrike Schmidt, Janet Treasure & June Alexander
182 pages, hardcover/paperback, 2015
[asa book]1138797375[/asa]

Getting Grit: The Evidence-Based Approach to Cultivating Passion, Perseverance, and Purpose
By Caroline Adams Miller
240 pages, paperback, 2017
[asa book]1622039203[/asa]

Getting Over Overeating for Teens: A Workbook to Transform Your Relationship with Food Using CBT, Mindfulness, and Intuitive Eating (Teen Instant Help)
By Andrea Wachter
184 pages, paperback, 2016
[asa book]1626254982[/asa]

A Girl Called Tim: Escape from An Eating Disorder Hell
By June Alexander
June Alexander, author and advocate, developed Anorexia Nervosa at age 11. Her journey of 40 years of illness is an unrelenting quest to reclaim her identity, grab hold of that lost little girl’s hand, and set out on new adventures. Along the way she rebuilt her thinking, her relationships, and explored her true sense of self. As she recovered, she was able to look at her life history through the lens of modern brain research and the history of mental health treatment. What she would say now, to that girl nicknamed, Tim, will astound you. This is a story of hope and never giving up.
267 pages, paperback, 2011

Girl Lost: Finding Your Voice Through Eating Disorder Recovery
By Lynn Moore
Girls ages 9-13
62 pages, paperback, 2011
[asa book]0615438296[/asa]

Girl Zone Body Talk: Straight Facts on Fitness, Nutrition & Feeling Great About Yourself!
By Ann Douglas & Julie Douglas
Ages 9-13
64 pages, paperback, 2002
[asa book]1897066619[/asa]

Give Food a Chance: A New View on Childhood Eating Disorders
By Julie O’Toole
320 pages, paperback, 2015
[asa book]1849057311[/asa]

The Good Parenting Food Guide: Managing What Children Eat Without Making Food a Problem
By Jane Ogden
242 pages, paperback, 2014
[asa book]1118709373[/asa]

Goodbye Ed, Hello Me: Recover from Your Eating Disorder and Fall in Love with Life
By Jenni Schaefer
Don’t battle an eating disorder forever—recover from it completely!
Bestselling author of Life Without Ed, Jenni Schaefer writes in her second, Goodbye Ed, Hello Me, that she is no longer on speaking terms with Ed (eating disorder)—not even in her most difficult moments. Inspiring, compassionate, and filled with practical exercises, this supportive, life-saving book will help you to take the final steps in divorcing your Ed completely. In short, easy-to-read sections, Jenni explains that full freedom is not just about breaking free from destructive behaviors with food but also means finding joy and peace in life. Taking you along her journey of “second stage” recovery, she explores how to move past lingering negative body image, transform painful perfectionism, and nurture healthy relationships. Combining Jenni’s signature honesty, quick wit, and unfailing encouragement, Goodbye Ed, Hello Me will give you the prescriptive tools necessary to say no to Ed and yes to purpose, passions, and fulfilled living—falling in love with your life.
249 pages, paperback, 2009
[asa book]0071608877[/asa]

Group : Voices Within the Journey of Eating Disorder Recovery
By Annette Aberdale-Kendra
229 pages, paperback, 2012
[asa book]1475295901[/asa]

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