Books Starting with M

Books Starting with M

My Story: Healing Through Self-Reflection: A Fill-In Journal
By Kathryn Cortese, LCSW, ACSW, CEDS
102 pages, hardcover, 2019

Maintaining Recovery from Eating Disorders: Avoiding Relapse and Recovering Life
By Naomi Feigenbaum
Expert advice from professionals in the field provide a wide range of skills designed to cope with eating disorders. Real life stories illustrate the experience of recovery from these. This title is an indispensable guide to practical methods for overcoming the emotional hurdles associated with recovery.
240 pages, paperback, 2012
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Making Peace with Your Plate : Eating Disorder Recovery
By Robyn Cruze & Espra Andrus
Whether you suffer from an eating disorder, care about someone who does, or seek to professionally help those with this deadly illness, this is a powerful and passionate resource providing identification and education. This book smashes the lies of the illness and equips the reader with concrete tools to help overcome an eating disorder. Robyn, fully recovered from an eating disorder after eighteen years with the illness, and Espra, a veteran eating disorder therapist, take the readers through an inspirational process to show that becoming fully recovered is possible! Learn to take back your power, rebuild a trusting relationship with food/body and reclaim your life forever.
224 pages, paperback, 2013
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Making Weight : Men’s Conflicts with Food, Weight, Shape & Appearance
By Arnold Andersen, Leigh Cohn & Thomas Holbrook
256 pages, paperback, 2000
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Managing Severe and Enduring Anorexia Nervosa:  A Clinician’s Guide
By Stephen Touyz, Daniel Le Grange, J. Hubert Lacey, Phillipa Hay, Editors
320 pages, hardcover/paperback, 2016
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Man Up to Eating Disorders
By Andrew Walen
142 pages, paperback, 2014

MeaningFull: 23 Life-Changing Stories of Conquering Dieting, Weight & Body Image Issues
By Alli Spotts-De Lazzer
284 pages, paperback, 2021
[asa book]1950730697[/asa]

Measuring Health from the Inside:  Nutrition, Metabolism & Body Composition
By Carolyn Hodges Chaffee, MS, RDN, CEDRD & Annika Kahm, MS
168 pages, paperback, 2015
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The Mighty Oak Tree
By Betty Kmiecik
72 pages, paperback, 2016
[asa book]1511650915[/asa]

Midlife Eating Disorders : Your Journey to Recovery
By Cynthia M. Bulik
352 pages, paperback, 2013
[asa book]080271269X[/asa]

Mind Your Own Body: A Body Image Handbook
by Gina Macdonald
174 pages, paper, 2018
[asa book]0692188797[/asa]

Mindful Eating : A Guide to Rediscovering a Healthy and Joyful Relationship with Food (revised edition)
By Jan Chozen Bays
232 pages, paperback, 2017
[asa book]1611804655[/asa]

Mindful & Mindless Eating (audio CD): Guided Meditations to Become Lighter with Food
By Robin Maynard-Dobbs
65 mins
[asa book]1605308919[/asa]

Mindfulness and Acceptance for Treating Eating Disorders and Weight Concerns:  Evidence-Based Interventions
By  Ann F. Haynos, Evan M. Forman, Meghan L. Butryn, Jason Lillis, editors
256 pages, paperback, 2016
[asa book]1626252696[/asa]

The Mindfulness-Based Eating Solutions: Proven strategies to end overeating, satisfy your hunger & savor your life
By Lynn Rossy, PhD
232 pages, paperback, 2016
[asa book]1626253277[/asa]

The Mindfulness & Acceptance Workbook for Bulimia
By Emily K. Sandoz, Kelly G. Wilson & Troy DuFrene
137 pages, paperback, 2011
[asa book]1572247355[/asa]

Mindsight : The New Science of Personal Transformation
By Daniel J. Siegel
Mindsight explores the way in which integrating our brains and our relationships can promote well-being in our lives. By exploring everyday life examples and case histories, the book offers an in depth view of how to transform your life toward well-being.
336 pages, paperback, 2010
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Minnie and Max are Ok!: A Story to Help Children Develop a Positive Body Image
By Chris Calland and Nicky Hutchinson
40 pages, hardcover, 2017
[asa book]1785922335[/asa]

Mirror, Mirror Off the Wall: How I Learned to Love My Body by Not Looking at It for a Year
By Kjerstin Gruys
320 pages, hardcover/paperback, 2014
[asa book]158333548X[/asa]

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Breaking the “I Feel Fat Spell”
by Andrea Wachter and Marsea Marcus
104 pages, paperback, 2016
Read our exclusive interview with the authors by clicking here.
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Mom in the Mirror: Body Image, Beauty, and Life after Pregnancy
By Dena Cabrera with Emily Wierenga
242 pages, hardcover, 2013
Read our exclusive interview with the authors by clicking here.
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Mothers, Daughters and Body Image: Learning to Love Ourselves as We Are
By Hilary McBride and Ramani Durvasula
224 pages, paperback, 2017
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My Feet Aren’t Ugly: A Girl’s Guide to Loving Herself from the Inside Out
by Debra Beck
My Feet Aren’t Ugly, A Girl’s Guide To Loving herself From The Inside Out is a great guide and workbook to help young girls learn to love themselves, strengthen their self-esteem, and make better decisions. This is a very vulnerable time in a young girl’s life where she is looking for the acceptance and approval of others. As parents we want to help our children develop into strong, independent, and confident young adults. My Feet Aren’t Ugly is a fun and easy read that will help your tween or teen build a stronger sense of self.
176 pages, paperback, 2011
[asa book]0825306027[/asa]

My Kid is Back: Empowering Parents to Beat Anorexia Nervosa
By June Alexander with Daniel Le Grange
Families are the main voice in this book which explains how family based treatment (FBT) can reduce the severity of Anorexia Nervosa in children and adolescents, allowing the sufferer to return to normal eating patterns, and their families to return to normal family life. Ten families share their experiences of helping their child to recover from Anorexia Nervosa. Parents describe their frustrations in seeking help for their child and dealing with their behaviour; sufferers discuss how the illness takes over their mind and the joy of getting their life back. Focusing on FBT and expert advice from Professor Daniel Le Grange, and including listing illness symptoms, strategies for parents and carers, and information on getting further treatment and support, this book is an essential resource for families.

After reading My Kid is Back I realised I was wrong to think that this is primarily a book for families trying to deal with anorexia nervosa. It is equally a book for clinicians and researchers who want to understand what it is like for the families. – Ivan Eisler, from the foreword.

272 pages, paperback, 2010
[asa book]041558115X[/asa]

My Name is Caroline : A Candid, hard-hitting account of a 7-year decent into bulimia, leading up to a final victorious triump of the addiction, 2nd edition
By Caroline Adams Miller
288 pages, paperback, 2014
[asa book]0925776203[/asa]

My Thinning Years: Starving the Gay Within
By Jon Derek Croteau
Growing up, Jon tried to be the all-American boy his father always wanted, denying his gayness in a desperate attempt to gain his love only to be met with abusive behavior. With this Jon internalized a deep homophobia that made him want to disappear rather than live with the truth about his true sexual identity. That denial played out in the forms of anorexia, bulimia, and obsessive running, which consumed him as an adolescent and young adult.  Author, Jon Derek Croteau brings a raw mix of emotion to his powerful story of self-hatred and punishment and along his journey to self-affirmation and healing as a gay man in My Thinning Years.
240 pages, paperback, 2014
[asa book]161649509X[/asa]

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