Books Sorted By Category

Books listed in alphabetical order –

Anorexia Nervosa
 – A number of important works about Anorexia Nervosa.




Binge Eating Disorder
 – Books written about binge eating disorder.

Body Image – A series of books about body image.

Bulimia – Works about bulimia.

Healthy Behaviors – Books describing healthy behaviors, from healthy eating to exercise and everything in between.

Kids, Teens, and Young Adults – Books specifically written for children, teens, and young adults.

Parents and Loved Ones – Books written for the parents, family, and friends of people suffering from or recovering from eating disorders.

Personal Stories – Personal story books written by people who have suffered from eating disorders.

Prevention – Books written about the prevention of eating disorders.

Professional Treatment – Books written specifically for professionals who work with people struggling with an eating disorder.

Recovery – An extensive listing of books on recovering from eating disorders.

Recovery Workbooks – Workbooks to help people recover from eating disorders.

Source Books

Spirituality Books – Books that involve spirituality and eating disorders.