C-PTSD and Eating Disorders

C-PTSD, or Complex Post-traumatic Stress Disorder is poorly understood being relatively new, but often it is only noticed through therapy and treatment for other diseases like eating disorders. This co-morbidity is common and seen quite often, especially with substance abuse. Like eating disorders, substance abuse is often self medicating and a way to feel better about yourself when dealing with these issues. The patient is trying to control the pain and self image through this abuse of food and is causing a downward cycle of further self loathing and problems

Key Takeaways:

  • C-PTSD isn’t always from single event, it is often from repeated experiences/abuses over time.
  • C-PTSD differs from normal PTSD in that instead of reliving painful memories, it is the absence of memories because the brain is in a sense “hiding” from those memories.
  • It requires a different approach for therapy because it may be difficult to discuss or open up about the issues because the brain puts up walls to avoid thinking of the traumatic experiences.

“In summary, people suffering from C-PTSD are at a high risk of developing eating disorders”

Read more: https://psychcentral.com/lib/c-ptsd-and-eating-disorders/

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