College Students & Eating Disorders: 6 Recovery Tips for the Summer

Summer break can be challenging for college students coping with eating disorders as the changes in the structure of everyday life can lead to stress. There are ways to cope with the changes in a healthy way. Individuals need to stay vigilant and aware of their behaviors, while reminding themselves how far they have come in recovery. They should also try to spend time relaxing and reflecting on their year at school and the year to come. If necessary, check in with your treatment team or even join a treatment program close to home. Stick with what works for you as you continue on your recovery journey.

Key Takeaways:

  • Many college students have eating disorders that they are struggling with.
  • Continued recovery from these disorders can be especially hard during times of transition.
  • There are several ways to ” keep on track” with the recovery process during these transitions.

“While you may have a break from late nights of studying, eating disorder don’t take breaks – and you recovery shouldn’t either.”

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