Diet Pills and Eating Disorders

Is there a link between diet pills and eating disorders? Many studies have been conducted that suggest that the two go hand in hand and the information might be of interest to you if you are someone that has tried to diet and who also has difficulty eating. The link between should make you think about getting can the help that is needed to repair your relationship with food.

Key Takeaways:

  • The use of diet pills among those who purge, that is throw up in an effort to eliminate calories, can be as high as fifty percent.
  • Diet pill use frequently leads to electrolyte imbalance and nutritional deficiency.
  • Such pills often use caffeine as an ingredient, leading the user to experience headaches and tiredness upon stopping use – aka withdrawal symptoms.

“Individuals with eating disorders are already at severe risk for medical complications and the abuse of diet pills can exacerbate these consequences as well as increase risk of side effects, tolerance, and withdrawal associated with abuse.”

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