Eating Disorder Recovery and the End of Summer

Summer is an exciting season, and a favorite among most people. For those suffering from nutritional or eating disorders, there is a place for hope. Located in three separate states to help even more people, Castlewood is place that can help. With proper daily menus, therapy, activities, counseling, and caring structure, Castlewood is more than a recovery program, it’s a place where miracles can happen.

Key Takeaways:

  • At the end of summer, it can be difficult for those in recovery to maintain focus, so following some helpful tips might support you in focusing on your recovery.
  • Continue attending meetings, create a routine, stick to your meal plan, throw out magazines, stay social, give yourself something to look forward to, and learn something new
  • Learn more about Summer Refocus by contacting Castlewood today

“One thing that always makes summer difficult is the saturation of magazines and other media that promote an unhealthy body image ideal. Don’t get pulled into that world of insecurity. Throw out your magazines, and try to avoid anything else that triggers an unhealthy focus on body image.”

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