Eating Disorders & LGBTQ Community: Treatment Best Practices

Studies have shown that eating disorders are more prevalent in the LGBTQ community. Unfortunately there has not been enough research or developed treatment protocols for sufferers in this community. There are however some techniques that can be used when treating LGBTQ patients that can be learned by providers to ensure successful outcomes. Tips and techniques in how to address the unique needs of these patients are available for providers. When treating these patients, a dedicated treatment plan is necessary.

Key Takeaways:

  • Eating disorder diagnoses are common among people in the LGBTQ community, especially transgender individuals.
  • There is not enough evidence-based research showing the best treatment practices for LGBTQ members.
  • There are many things that facilities can do to create an inclusive treatment environment.

“Change is a process, and signage, training and self-education is a good place to start – though not the ending point.”

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