Eating Disorders Resource Catalogue

GurzeIt is our pleasure to announce the transfer of ownership of the Gürze Eating Disorders Resource Catalogue, and welcome you to our new and improved website. Lindsey Hall and Leigh Cohn have graciously chosen us to continue their lives’ work and produce “The most widely-used resource in the eating disorders field since 1980”. We are honored and humbled to take on this important mission. 

We will continue to create and distribute 200,000 copies of the catalogue annually to the network of physicians, health centers, mental health professionals, registered dietitians/nutrition therapists, treatment centers, families, individuals, schools, hospitals, and conferences that Leigh and Lindsey have served. Just as importantly, we will deliver the informed, research-based, high quality content in the catalogue that we all have come to depend on for over 30 years. 

Who are we? Kathryn Cortese, MSW, LCSW, ACSW, is an active clinician in the treatment of Eating Disorders with over 20 years experience. She will be instrumental in developing the high quality content in the Gürze Eating Disorders Resource Catalogue. Michael Cortese brings a strong business, strategy, and operations background, and will be active in managing the production, marketing, and distribution of the catalogue.

Please join us in thanking Lindsey and Leigh for their tireless efforts in the field of Eating Disorders and recovery. They have touched us all in profound ways. We look forward to serving the community and carrying on the tradition of excellence set by Leigh and Lindsey. 


Kathryn Cortese, MSW, LCSW, ACSW

Michael Cortese

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