Episode 141: Dr. Brenda Sigall: Gender Literacy and Eating Disorders

Welcome to ED Matters episode 141. Today, Kathy welcomes Brenda Sigall, Ph.D., CEDS, and their topic is gender literacy and eating disorder prevention. Part 1 of a 2-part episode takes a deep look at gender literacy in the US, while part 2 ties everything together in relation to eating disorders.

Dr. Sigall references the work of Dr. Niva Piran, and you can learn more about that work in the podcast we recorded with her – Episode 121 titled: The Social Abandonment of Girls’ and Women’s Bodies

Brenda Alpert Sigall, Ph.D., CEDS,  a clinical psychologist,  served as senior staff psychologist, Eating Disorders Program Director and Staff Development Coordinator at the University of Maryland Counseling Center.  She is a private practitioner with a clinical practice in Columbia, Maryland.

Dr. Sigall’s work encompasses, psychotherapy, training and supervision, outreach, consultation and program development, with an emphasis on eating disorders. She  served on the Maryland Governor’s Task Force on Eating Disorders, the Maryland State Department of Education Eating Disorders Prevention Committee,   founded the University of Maryland Panhellenic Task Force on Eating Disorders, co-coordinated Maryland Eating Disorders Awareness week from 1988 through 2003, and created and directed the University of Maryland Eating Disorders Program.

In 1998 Dr. Sigall was awarded the Outstanding Service Award from National Eating Disorders Awareness and Prevention (EDAP) and in 2010 she was the co-recipient of the Westin Memorial Award for Advocacy and Activism, presented by the National Eating Disorders Association.

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