Episode 162: Zoe Bisbing & Leslie Bloch: Body Positive Parenting

Today, Kathy welcomes Zoe Bisbing, LCSW, and Leslie Bloch, LCSW-R, and the focus of their conversation is on body positive parenting. Zoe and Leslie discuss how much talk and imagery is out there on bodies, how harmful that can be, and how weight stigma is the biggest body positive problem to solve.

Zoë Bisbing and Leslie Bloch are both NYC-based, adolescent eating disorder psychotherapists and mothers of two. They met in graduate school at New York University and, over countless coffee dates, quickly discovered a shared dedication to the treatment of eating disorders and body image concerns. Their lives unfolded on uncannily similar paths; they worked together at a treatment center in New York City and sat for their clinical licensing exams the same week, both nine-months pregnant. While their families and private practices blossomed, they developed specialties in the early detection and family-based treatment of childhood and adolescent eating disorders. Learn more about their work at their website, The Full Bloom Project.

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