Episode 164: Dr. Howard Steiger: Epigenetics and Eating Disorders

Today, Kathy welcomes Dr. Howard Steiger and they have a conversation about epigenetics and eating disorders. Dr. Steiger explains how he believes eating disorders are a result of gene environment interactions which reduces shame and increases confidence in recovery.

Howard Steiger directs Quebec’s only large-scale, specialized eating-disorders program—the Douglas Institute Eating Disorders Continuum (EDC). The EDC offers a full range of Inpatient, Day Treatment and Outpatient services for people of all ages. Administrator, clinician, teacher and researcher, Dr. Steiger has published numerous scientific and theoretical articles and chapters on the eating disorders. Dr. Steiger is Professor in Psychiatry and Associate Member in Psychology at McGill University, Associate Editor of the Journal of Eating Disorders, and Fellow of the Academy for Eating Disorders and the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences. He is past President of the ED Research Society, past member of the Academy for EDs executive, and past Associate Editor of the International Journal of EDs.

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