Episode 186: Robyn Goldberg: The Eating Disorder Trap

Today, Kathy is joined by Robyn Goldberg, RDN, CEDRDS, as they discuss Robyn’s new book, The Eating Disorder Trap: A Guide for Clinicians and Loved Ones. Learn more about the book at TheEatingDisorderTrap.com and follow Robyn on Instagram @robyngoldbergrdn

Robyn began her career at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles as the in-patient dietitian in the Department of Cardiology. Over the last twenty- three years she has developed her own private practice in Beverly Hills, CA, where she specializes in medical conditions, disordered eating, eating disorders, Health at Every Size, pre-pregnancy nutrition, and people in recovery.  Robyn is a Certified Eating Disorders Registered Dietitian and Supervisor from IAEDP She serves as a Nutrition Consultant for the Celiac Disease Foundation.  For the last eight years Robyn was the Nutrition Counselor for the Susan Krevoy Eating Disorders Program at The Wright Institute Los Angeles, led eating disorder and body image groups at various sober livings in Los Angeles. She is a contributing author and is a nationally known registered dietitian nutritionist. She has been quoted in The New York Times, The Huffington Post, The Fix, Shape Magazine, Fitness, Oxygen, Pilates Style, Diabetes Forecast, BH Weekly and Life & Style.  She has been on national television as the eating disorder expert on The Insider. Robyn is the author of the new book The Eating Disorder Trap: A Guide for Clinicians and Loved Ones.

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