Episode 224: Karen R. Koenig: Constructive Self-talk

Today, Kathy welcomes Karen R. Koenig, LCSW, MED, and they discuss the power of constructive self-talk. Kathy and Karen break down how self-talk effects everyone and how to recognize and change your own self-talk.

Karen R. Koenig, LCSW, M.Ed., is a psychotherapist, international, award-winning author, national speaker and popular blogger. She has 30-plus years of experience in the field of eating psychology teaching chronic dieters and emotional, binge, and over-eaters to become “normal” eaters through using a non-diet, non-weight focus on eating intuitively and creating joyous, meaningful lives. Her eighth book, Words to Eat By: Using the Power of Self-talk to Transform Your Relationship with Food and Your Body, is due out in 2021. She lives and practices in Sarasota, Florida. Her website is http://www.karenrkoenig.com.

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