Episode 233: Emily Boring: Target Weights and Full Recovery Part 2

Today, Kathy welcomes back Emily Boring, and they continue their conversation on the dilemma of target weights and full recovery. If you missed part 1, we strongly encourage you to listen to the previous episode.

Emily Boring is a writer, scientist, and graduate student from Corvallis, Oregon. After recovering from anorexia during college, she has become a one-on-one mentor for adolescents, a regular contributor to eating disorder blogs, and a passionate guest speaker in parent groups and school settings. She is particularly interested in the intersection between science and personal experience: how recent genetic and metabolic findings about the origin of eating disorders can remove fear and stigma and give people the tools to claim full recovery. Emily earned her B.S. in Ecology and Evolution from Yale University and her Master’s of Science in marine ecology from Oregon State. She currently attends Yale Divinity School, where she studies theology and literature and hopes to write and teach at the intersection of science and spirituality.

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