Episode 68: Tabitha Farrar: Tabitha’s 3 Steps to Recovery

Today, Kathy is joined by Tabitha Farrar and they discuss Tabitha’s 3 essential steps in recovering from anorexia nervosa. Tabitha shares these steps in hopes that others can benefit from her recovery story, but knowing that we are all individuals, and other individuals’ recoveries will most likely be different.

Tabitha Farrar is an eating disorder recovery coach who speaks and writes about effective and realistic recovery approaches for adults with restrictive eating disorders. Having recovered from 10 years of severe anorexia herself solely by adapting the principles of FBT to herself as an adult, she is passionate about helping adult sufferers find a sustainable recovery that works for them as an individual. Tabitha authored Love Fat, and is currently working on her second book — a workbook for anorexia recovery that will be published December 2017. She has written numerous eating disorder recovery guides for adults. She has been working as a recovery coach for  adults with eating disorders and parents/partners of adults since 2009 and has set up two forums for adults with eating disorders in active recovery. Tabitha hosts the Eating Disorder Recovery Podcast

More recently she founded Active Eating Disorder Recovery for Adults (AEDRA) Meal Support Service.

Tabitha’s personal website and blog: tabithafarrar.com

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