Episode 80: Karen Koenig: Becoming a “Normal” Eater in the Recovery Process

Today, Kathy is joined by Karen Koenig and their topic is becoming a “normal” eater in the recovery process. They discuss some of the essentials of becoming a “normal” eater while recovering from an eating disorder as well as a handful of other important topics around eating.

Karen R. Koenig, M.Ed., LCSW is an international, award-winning author of seven books on eating, weight and body image, a psychotherapist with 30 years of experience, a health educator, and a popular blogger. Her expertise is in eating psychology and helping dieters, over-eaters and binge-eaters become “normal” eaters. She lives and practices in Sarasota, Florida. Her website is http://www.karenrkoenig.com.

Check out Karen’s books here –

Helping Patients Outsmart Overeating

The Rules of “Normal” Eating

Outsmarting Overeating

The Food and Feelings Workbook

Starting Monday

What Every Therapist Needs to Know about Treating Eating and Weight Issues

Nice Girls Finish Fat: Put Yourself First and Change Your Eating Forever


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