Episode 91: Sam Tryon: Food Judgments

Today, Kathy is joined by Sam Tryon, MS, RD, and their topic is the importance of letting go of food judgments. Kathy and Sam discuss the dangers of food judgments, why it is important to let them go, and share some skills to help people let go of food judgments.

Sam Tryon, MS, RD, is a registered dietitian specializing in eating disorders, disordered eating, chronic dieting and body image. Sam takes a fully Health At Every Size, non-diet approach to nutrition. She celebrates the diversity of body shapes and sizes and focuses on helping each client learn to trust their body rather than abusing and fighting it. Sam is passionate about working with transgender, non-binary, and queer individuals and serving the LGBTQ community overall. Sam has a masters degree in Nutrition from Hunter College School of Public Health and completed her dietetic internship at the National Institutes of Health. She has also participated in professional trainings on Intuitive Eating and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. Sam has a private practice in Silver Spring, MD in addition to seeing clients virtually

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