Episode 93: Eva Musby: Helping Parents Support their Children in Recovery

Today, Kathy is joined by Eva Musby and their topic is helping parents to support their child recover from an eating disorder. Eva speaks from first-hand experience which shines through as she offers some wonderful advice and support for parents  supporting their child in recovery.

Eva Musby lives in the UK, with her husband and daughter. Her child was a happy, well-adjusted kid until shortly after her tenth birthday, when she spiralled into restricting anorexia. Eleven months in hospital restored her health, but couldn’t shift her anorexic mindset. Once she was home, we learned a lot and made fast progress.

Now that their lives are back to normal, she contribute to struggling parents, by sharing the principles and skills we learned.

She is the author of a book for parents: “Anorexia and other eating disorders – how to help your child eat well and be well”. 

She also coaches and supports parents one-on-one by video call — these are typically parents who want to be more effective, who want to take their practical or communication skills up a level, or who long for emotional support during very demanding times.

Eva gives talks and training to clinicians and parents, and she also has a number of YouTube videos and audio resources to help parents support their child’s treatment.

The resources she offers go beyond her story and her views. She has gathered contributions from other parents, children in recovery, and from experts in eating disorders and in nonviolent communication.

Eva Musby is her pen name.

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