Examining Barriers to Eating Disorder Treatment in People of Color

Current scientific research has not adequately studied the effect of eating disorders on persons of color. While White or Caucasian subjects have received significant amounts of study attention, those of color have not. This is an issue because treatment of eating disorders is different for people of different backgrounds and descents. In particular, men of color often face multiple barriers in facing and seeking treatment for an eating disorder they may be suffering from. Scientists are working to expand their studies to gather additional data.

Key Takeaways:

  • Though treating eating disorders should be individualized, most of the research has been geared toward treating white people
  • Further research is needed to determine what specific treatments are most effective for people of color with eating disorders
  • Stereotyping and cultural differences can hinder diagnosing or seeking treatment for eating disorders in persons of color

“Deficiencies in the quality of eating disorders treatment for both men and women of color lie in both the application of treatment by clinicians and the treatment approaches themselves.”

Read more: https://uncexchanges.org/2017/10/10/examining-barriers-to-eating-disorder-treatment-in-people-of-color/

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