Family-Based Treatment: 7 Common Surprises Parents Often Experience

When dealing with a teenager who has an eating disorder, family based treatment is emerging as a successful treatment modality. Families can realize help is available and they are welcome to use it. This treatment helps the teen not feel as isolated as well as challenges them in therapeutic ways. Even though children do not ask, they want the support and structure and families can receive the benefit of getting their happy child back. It starts with acceptance and seeking help but the whole family can heal.

Key Takeaways:

  • FBT gives parents the confidence to reach out to others who may experience the same problem or to people who are experts in the field of eating disorders.
  • It enables parents to recreate a relationship with the child and to allow them to give the child the structure they need.
  • The approach is proven to work for families even if this can be a very difficult situation.

“For a growing number of families, the approach that fits all the above criteria is Family-Based Treatment (FBT), a philosophy giving families an active, transparent and supporting role not only at home, but inside clinical settings.”

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