Gender Differences: Some Thoughts on Female Embodiment and Disordered Eating

Females have a special relationship with their bodies and with their gender. This could make eating disorders harder for them. Society has long held beliefs about how women should look, and the pressure to conform to that is very real for some. It can be dangerous because if disorders develop they can spiral out of control easily. We need to be more careful about the messages we sent our daughters and the other women we love.

Key Takeaways:

  • Many people believe the eat disorders are centered around white young women who are just narcissistic, but the truth is most are not white or egotistic.
  • Many African American clients deal with the genetic issues passed on from slavery that is not a good body thing to have this day and age.
  • The common man takes up a lot of space and does not even realize it.

“So many of my clients who struggle with eating disorders have been managing years of abuse through the ways they manage their relationships with food”

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