Hating Ourselves May Make Us Hate Others

It’s easy to find yourself hating others if you can’t love yourself or learn to love your body. These days our cultural message urges us to hate others in order to feel good about ourselves. However, the more time you spend envying someone else or despising them, the less time you and energy you’ll have for more creative endeavors.

Key Takeaways:

  • my body was far from what I wished it to be, and my life was full of longings for things I didn’t, and thought I would never, have.
  • This critic admitted that her happiness and the positive power she seemed to have over her life so contrasted with his misery and inertia.
  • spewing hate is a way that people often react to their low self-esteem and personal disappointment.

“The more you focus on what someone else has that you want, the less energy and drive you’ll possess to work on your own self-improvement.”


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