Helping Teens Get Over Overeating

Swipe left, and supersize it please!! Typically nowadays this is how are society does things. We want instant gratification and more of it, however, for a growing adolescent mind it may be hard to shut these preceptors off. Many teenagers are becoming inactive do to more technology and the easy to obtain foods that are wrong for us. Unhealthy or Over-eating can cause teenagers to be subjected to unneccassary body shaming or ridicule through social media. Luckily, their are resources to teach our youth ways to better themselves.

Key Takeaways:

  • There are many society driven pressures placed on teens.
  • Negative feelings induced by social “standards” can lead to dissatisfaction with oneself. This can sometimes lead to overeating.
  • Understanding why one overeats and actively trying to change that behavior can help one attain a positive mind, body, and spirit.

“With diet ads, fad fear foods and air-brushed images enticing them on one end of the spectrum and supersized portions, big gulps and carb-laden drive-thru meals on the other, our culture sets up so many of us to ride the diet/riot roller coaster.”

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