How Diets Set Us Up for Self-Sabotage – Jean Alves

I never thought about how similar my dating and eating habits were until reading this article. Ms Alvarez explains that when dieting we become obsessed with certain foods because they are a guilty pleasure. Then when we allow ourselves to enjoy said “forbidden fruit” we tend to purge because we have spent so many times relishing in the memory of said food. We become more in love with the memory of the food then the food itself. Reminds me of a certain ex-boyfriend.

Key Takeaways:

  • Completely avoiding a food that that is craved can give that food undue power, making the food-craver feel out of control.
  • Also complete avoidance of crave-food can make a craver more obsessed.
  • In the end, it’s likely the craver will give in and over-binge, leaving them feeling physically and emotionally bloated.

“Avoiding our trigger foods only serves to fuel compulsive and emotional eating.”

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