How to Make Eating Lunch at School Easier

When it comes to eating lunch at school there are some particular ways in which you can make doing this easier. Five particular ways in which you can make eating lunch at school easier include knowing what time lunch is, knowing who you will sit with, making a plan, knowing what you will bring to eat, and lastly knowing how you will store it.

Key Takeaways:

  • For people with eating learning to eat around a school schedule can be challenging.
  • It helps to be prepared, by knowing schedules, eating locations, companions and food options.
  • Preparing food in advance and having a support system are two great ways to face school, even with eating issues.

“If something at lunch differs than what you had talked about or planned out with your team, have a back up plan in place to include having exchanges later that day and of course talk to your team to adjust the plan moving forward.”

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