How to Prepare for Going to College in Recovery from an Eating Disorder

If you are recovering from an eating disorder other changes can be hard to handle. Going to college is a big change. You often have to relocate and you also have the stress of new classes to deal with. This stress can cause a relapse if you aren’t vigilant. This gives tips on preparing which might help you to stay healthier. Eating disorders are very serious and should not be ignored or taken too lightly.

Key Takeaways:

  • Have a support system. There are nurses on campus that could have you do a random weight check.
  • Do a practice round of a college like situation with eating such as eating at a cafe.
  • Those with eating disorders have more then just not wanting to eat problems. They might not like not seeing how the food is being prepared.

“Once you know you are going to school talk to your treatment team and have plan a b and c in place for all situations at college.”

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