How to Spot Eating Disorder Symptoms

The author wants us to realize that eating disorders are a huge issue in society today, and also to be able to spot some early signs that can help to curb the issue before it becomes a problem.
Many children want to eat healthy, but do not know how to go about this. Parents can also be frustrated at the high cost of organic and “special” foods.
Exercise is one of the key factors for keeping a healthy weight.
In the end, a dietician or therapist may need to be consulted to get to the root of the issue(s).

Key Takeaways:

  • Common eating disorder warning signs include: Significant weight changes, Not eating with the family, Wanting to diet, Baking or cooking but not eating it, Newly vegan or vegetarian
  • If you find that your child all of a sudden has rigid exercise habits or is also cutting back on certain food, that might be a red flag combination.
  • many warning signs are often paired together. So, it’s not just one change in your child’s behavior that will determine whether or not they have a disordered relationship with food

“It is hard and not always helpful to point out a change in weight or ask about exercise and dietary changes. Instead, listen to your child. Ask them how they are doing emotionally, do they like school, is it hard making friends do they feel good about themselves? Early intervention and treatment is key for recovery”

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