Lagom and Eating Disorder Recovery

Lagom, balancing the everyday to its peak. It’s a strange word “Lagom” maybe because I’m not Swedish, but the concept of balance not so much. However what’s more surprising is how much this ideal would be impacting those with Eating Disorders. Lagom focus of values help brings to light the precious, rather than the quantity. To connect to the world, to breath in the air, and smell the flowers. Chasing the sunrise to let your life move with the day to enjoy more time. Being able to enjoy the world will also lead in a push away from material possessions, following with Lagom’s concept of balance you can also expect to save more. Like many roads of recovery Lagom also focuses on connecting, friends, and families to balance the self with others. The joy to share and spend time to balance life. Lagom’s final ideal, to cherish the fading memories. To be childish, to rekindle the warmth of family times. The balance Lagom seeks is more than filling your life, it’s about balancing with your world.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Swedish concept Lagom is about eating portions that are just right.
  • Having a balanced life can be achieved by being more active in nature.
  • Spending time with friends can help you have a more balanced and healthy life.

“What I liked about these books is the way that they looked at how to balance not only eating, but all of life in a way that best suits you.”

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