Patricia K. Dennis, PhD, LCSW – “Dr. Kylie”
Address: 8820 Ladue Road, Suite 309, Saint Louis, MO 63124
Phone: (314) 446-2899
About Dr. Kylie: I am a psychotherapist specializing full-time in the treatment of eating disorders since 1986. My private practice is a warm, supportive, personal alternative to large treatment centers.

My approach is to start with a careful evaluation and to respect that struggling with an eating disorder is an individual’s attempt to cope. Together, we explore the meaning of the symptoms and work on finding healthier, more effective ways of handling stress, emotional pain, and relationship problems.

Treatment options include individual, family, and group therapy.

For professionals, I offer consultation and training. For the public, I offer workshops and public speaking tailored to the needs of your organization.

I am committed to the Health at Every Size philosophy, and to promoting the equality of all human beings.

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