The constant demand by Americans for ways to make their bodies conform to media deals has in the most interesting way created a media onslaught regarding nutrition. That nutrition is sliced and diced and debated by most of us with very little knowledge beyond we are a bit over weight. This has resulted in the reductionist situation of one idea being correct at a time. No fat or all protein, low carb or high fat. This on the surface likely not true. Nutritionism as a subject tries to show us there is a lot more to nutrition and eating healthy than which antioxidant/vitamin/ latest fill in the blank ridiculousness. It oints to what in fact be another somewhat pop culture word.A holistic approach to eating some of this and some of that and listening to your body’s many clues as to what’s right for yo personally.

Key Takeaways:

  • While nutrition is a key reason we eat, it should not overshadow other important reasons.
  • Because of our national obsession as regards diets and needing to control dietary elements, like sugar, eating has become less an act of consuming and more of an ism, specifically nutritionism.
  • In the end, how much you enjoy what you eat is as valid a part of eating as worrying about the nutrients in your meal.

“The term “nutritionism” has been coined to describe the fixation on nutrients at the expense of content and experiential knowledge of food and eating.”

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