Self Care Toolbox: 4 Easy Ideas You Can Do

Not only our eating behaviors but also our mental health have vital influence in our health.So, it is necessary to take care of ourselves to be in best state of mind to have healthy life. We can follow certain routines to avoid stress. For this, we can prepare self care journal to keep tracks of the activities that we did to take care of ourselves.Next can be making checklist of ideas of self care task.Similarly, writing self care ideas and putting them on jar and picking one in free time and following those instruction cab be fruitful.Another idea can be try doing unique things each week.

Key Takeaways:

  • When many of us are stressed out, we often turn to eating disorder type of behaviors because they can be comforting when we are anxious or unhappy.
  • Instead of venturing down the dangerous path of binging on unhealthy food, be prepared with a “self-care toolbox,” equipped with easy to accomplish tasks to get you through tough times.
  • Examples of self-care rituals that we should practice daily to prevent stress and promote overall health and well-being include journaling, yoga, coloring, meditation, or taking a walk in nature.

“No matter how much we try to balance our days and regular meals and snacks, stress or upsetting situations can get the best of us and trigger ED thoughts and behaviors.”

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