Seven Tips: Avoiding Eating Disorder Relapse

If you have had an eating disorder it is possible to relapse at any time, even if you seek treatment and feel better. There are ways to cut down on the likelihood of this happening, though, seven of which are listed here. These tips will help you to stay healthier and are definitely worth exploring since these disorders are so serious. You can become very unhealthy because of them. Fatalities have resulted in many cases.

Key Takeaways:

  • These tips are to help avoid relapse from an eating disorder
  • Seven tips: accountability,Identify red flags,act fast,structure,define yourself,support,create a positive environment
  • They have contact information about eating disorders that someone can use to learn more information.

“Make sure to have systems in place to keep yourself accountable- continue with your treatment team, engage family and friends, and make time for self-check ins.”

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