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Source Books

100 Questions & Answers About Eating Disorders
By Carolyn Costin
Many people are looking for quick answers to specific questions about eating disorders but can’t easily find them in the books that exist on the subject.   A loved one, friend, teacher, coach, counselor or physician will want to know; what an eating disorder is, what are the best treatments, how best to be supportive, and can the person fully recover? These questions and more are answered in this popular and easy to read guide.  In “100 Questions and Answers” Carolyn Costin, a therapist well known for her own recovery, provides an easy introduction into the world of eating disorders as she answers the most frequently asked questions on the topic and points readers in the right direction to get more information.
160 pages, paperback, 2007
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Bio-Psycho-Social Contributions to Understanding Eating Disorders
By Yael Latzer & Daniel Stern
202 pages, hardcover, 2016
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The Body Betrayed: A Deeper Understanding of Women, Eating Disorders, and Treatment
by Kathryn Zerbe
This award winning book is considered  a classic resource in the field that is at once scientifically well-grounded, informative, and crystal clear. It coherently synthesizes the biological, cultural, and psychological concerns that beguile individuals with eating disorders. Dr. Zerbe achieves rare success in telling the life stories of her clients with compassion and understanding while weaving her extensive clinical experience into narratives of treatment. New hope and informative insights are offered to a diverse audience including clients, their family members and loved ones, and practitioners. Contemporary theories and research about eating disorders are summarized in a readable. stimulating, and evocative way that leaves readers feeling both inspired and informed.
447 pages, paperback, 1995
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Eating and its Disorders
By John R. E. Fox, Ken Goss
524 pages, paperback, 2012
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Eating Disorders in America: A Reference Handbook
By David E. Newton
348 pages, hardcover, 2019
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The Eating Disorders Sourcebook, Third Edition
By Carolyn Costin
Many eating disorder professionals consider The Eating Disorder Sourcebook their “go to resource” for information on everything from treatment models, medical issues, and techniques for running group or providing family and multi-family therapy. Written by, Carolyn Costin, a therapist who recovered from anorexia nervosa, this sourcebook is full of the latest information while being easy to read and not caught up in technical jargon. Loved by both patients and professionals, The Eating Disorder Sourcebook is used in college courses as it gives readers a comprehensive guide to understanding and treating these difficult disorders.
336 pages, paperback, 2007
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Eating Disorders: An Encyclopedia of Causes, Treatment, and Prevention
By Justine J. Reel
The purpose of this book is to cover diverse topics from A to Z that relate to body image and eating disorders using easily accessible language for parents, adolescents, and professionals. The book explores the definitions, risk factors, symptoms, and health consequences of eating disorder from interdisciplinary perspectives. The media and sociocultural influences on one’s body image and eating behaviors are discussed as well as how to assess and treat eating disorders and body image disturbances. More recent phenomena (e.g., pro-ana websites, virtual reality as a form of therapy, “wannarexia”) related to body image and eating behaviors are also included to provide a comprehensive coverage of the topic.
498 pages, hardcover, 2013
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Family, Culture and Self in the Development of Eating Disorders
By Susan Haworth-Hoeppner
206 pages, spiral-bound, 2016
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The Oxford Handbook of Child and Adolescent Eating Disorders: Developmental Perspectives
By James Lock
336 pages, hardcover, 2011
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The Last Word on Eating Disorders
By Leigh Cohn, editor
123 pages, hardcover, 2016
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