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Stories of Recovery


By Callie Wells

I struggled with an eating disorder for 5 years. The last 9 months of struggling were the worst. My hair started falling out & I became to weak to hold my one year old daughter. I was scared & knew I needed to get help. My dad & step mom came to see me on a weekend in Dec 2012. I told them the things that I had been doing. They took me home with them & we sought help. It took a lot of strength to push myself to go. But I had to.

It’s not easy to over come an eating disorder. Everyday I have to face food—something I feared for so long. I’ve learned how to look at food different. I eat food that is good for my body & work out to keep healthy. Yes, I have days where I would rather not eat, but that’s why its recovery. Everyday I face it & everyday is one more day I’ve over come it.

I’ve been recovering for the last 8 months. What really made me realize I had to get healthy was my daughter. The look in her eyes saying mommy as she reached up for me to hold her & not being able to pick her up. That made me see what I was doing.

In these 8 months I’ve become a lot happier. I even got married & moved out of state. I now have energy to play with my daughter. In fact I’m currently a stay at home mom. We get to run & go to the park. Things that I couldn’t do before, because I was too weak.

I really enjoy life now. I love the time I get with my daughters & husband doing family things. I’m glad I changed my life around for myself & my family.

I learned a lot from having an eating disorder. It became away of life for me, but its a life I never want to go back to. It’s not worth forgetting who you are. It’s not worth not having strength to play with my daughter. And it’s defiantly not worth a size 1 or a scale saying 110. Thankfully my Dad & step mom came that one weekend in Dec. or who knows where I’d be today.


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