Summer Bod: Making the most of the season

For those being treated for an eating disorder or are in recovery, summertime can be stressful. The media is constantly showing images of scantily clad models and the pressure is on to wear more skin revealing outfits. For those struggling with summer body image, there are five strategies that may be useful to help deal with the issue. Following one or all of these strategies will help you relax and enjoy summer without too much stress.

Key Takeaways:

  • Social media and magazines put the idea a summer body is what makes you enjoy the summer season.
  • If you are feeling upset about your body, take a break from social media or websites. These do not help your self esteem.
  • Wear what you feel comfortable in. Don’t wear something that is not you and makes you feel out of place.

“For many people, these changes can heighten concerns about body image, as wearing clothes that function well for the summer activities can mean showing more skin.”

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