Talking to Young Women About Body Image

The author starts by saying about a time when she was young where the doctor made a comment about gaining weight during puberty. It is a clear memory of a negative feeling comment. Nobody is 100% positive about their body image all of the time. It is complicated, and we always see messages about unrealistic views of what a perfect body is or an attractive body. Pre-teens and teens have the biggest problem with body confidence. How you talk to a woman can really affect their confidence and how they feel about themselves. This author loves A Huffington Post article was written on how your body does not define your worth. The article talks about a mom should teach her daughter that not all bodies are built the same, and that every shape is wonderful. It ends by saying that the best thing a girl can do with her body is to mobilize her beautiful soul. There are ways to talk about body image and health in a positive way however. The last part of the article talks about how this can be accomplished such as avoiding commenting on weight gain or loss, encourage snacking or eating a wide variety of foods, not questioning what or how much they eat, and not weighing yourself to try and manage your weight. The article ends by emphasizing that we teach young women to love their bodies and respect themselves no matter what.

Key Takeaways:

  • little girls need to be shown that they don’t need men to succeed
  • praise your kids in all aspects of life and things they accomplish
  • telling your child that they are to fat or skinny can hurt them emotionally

“Remind your daughter that the best thing she can do with her body is to use it to mobilize her beautiful soul.”

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