The Eating Disorder Is Voldemort: On Using Metaphors in Treatment

Sometimes the best therapy is how we use our words. Getting through to people to see the truth will help them heal. This therapist uses the analogy of Harry Potter to work through it, drawing comparisons to the patient as Harry, the disease as Voldemort, and all his friends as Ron, Hermione and company. It gives kids and adults something to grasp and get a better idea for all to fight the fight and maybe also let them see how tough it was for Harry since he was and always will have a part of Voldemort in him.

Key Takeaways:

  • Starting treatment can be uncomfortable for most patients with eating dispenser
  • The eating disorder is a part of you like voldemort was a part of Harry.
  • You are going to feel discomfort when you go against the disorder

“The eating disorder is Voldemort. The person who has an eating disorder is Harry Potter.”

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